When we give, we worship God and praise him for the generous love displayed in Jesus Christ. As you are able, we invite you to give to the ministry of Believers in Christ Church so that the mission of the church can advance and more disciples can be made.

What are the different types of giving? 

At Believers in Christ Church, we have three funds that you may give to. 

  1. General Fund: Money given here goes towards meeting our budget (things like ministry costs, utilities to keep the lights on, staff salaries, insurance, etc.)
  2. Help: Money given here goes towards a benevolence fund that is available to those in emergencies (things like sudden job loss, death, a surprise bill, etc.)
  3. Missions: Money given here goes towards funding ongoing ministry partnerships as well as any urgent missions funding need.

When you give online, you can select where you’d prefer your giving to go. 

Prefer to give via check or cash?

No worries! We have a wooden box in the sanctuary to receive checks or cash. Please make a note in the memo line where you’d like your gift to go.

You may also mail your checks to: 301 Maple Avenue, Hanover, PA 17331 and designate where you’d like your gift to go in the memo line.

You may make checks out to Hanover Believers in Christ. All donations are tax-deductible.